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Precision Airguns ships your purchase via
Thank you for your order.
Billing and Shipping Addresses are required to match.
UPS Signature required on orders over $750.00

When calculating the shipping cost be aware each box must be weighed separately and each box must be insured. Each rifle is shipped Double Boxed and in most cases the cost is between $32.00 and $48.00. Most accessories will need to be packaged in a separate box. In this case UPS charges will need to be calculated as a separate amount for each box. Insurance is calculated as .70 per $100.00 in value. Shipping of some guns is slightly more based on the cost of insurance, Rural Delivery adds approx $5.00. Signature adds approx. $5.00

Regarding small less than 1 pound packages: UPS collects most of their fees in the first pound, Typically a 1lb package will cost between $13.00 - $15.00. It is an advantage to purchase as many items at one time as each additional pound is typically .25 cents per pound on small packages. UPS charges are not based on value under $99.00, meaning an empty box would be as much to ship as a 1 pound item valued up to $99.00 Rural Delivery adds approx $5.00. Signature adds approx. $5.00

We no longer offer USPS. Our experiences with regards to delivery reliability have not been as successful as UPS.

We appreciate you understanding.